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Minnesota is unique in offering Firewise in the Classroom, an interdisciplinary curriculum for students in grades 6-12. With instruction and guidance from Fire Prevention Specialists, teachers and classes:

  1. Learn about wildland fire risks in Minnesota and beyond

  2. Explore forestry and other natural resource careers

  3. Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to evaluate fire risks 

  4. Educate their community on steps to reduce fire risk

  5. Participate in wildland fire mitigation activities 

Young people play a critical role in helping communities reduce wildfire risk by using GIS to conduct Firewise Risk Assessments. This analysis uses environmental criteria to identify areas at high risk for wildland fire, which helps communities plan activities to prevent fire losses.

The curriculum consists of lessons correlated to national and Minnesota Academic Standards in Geography, Science and Social Science. Contact to explore instructional options for your classroom, or access the free content now.

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